• Obit Smart Defrag Pro
    V. RePack & Portable

    Obit Smart Defrag Pro
    V. RePack & Portable

    Multilingual + Russian | File Size: 10.00 MB

    IObit Smart Defrag
    is a Disk Defragmenter, that accelerates the whole system with fast and efficient disk defragment.
    Based on IObit latest disk defrag engine and "Boot Time Disk Defrag" technology,
    Smart Defrag 5 is created with the world's leading defragmentation ability.
    It not only provides defragmentation, but also intelligently
    streamlines your files based on using frequency, thus accelerating
    disk speed and the whole system for top performance!

    IObit Smart Defrag
    works fast, automatically and quietly in the background and is suitable for large hard drives.
    It helps defragment your hard drive more efficiently
    than any other product on the market - free or not. It is known that disk fragments has been
    a primary cause of slow and unstable PC performance.

    IObit Smart Defrag
    is such a FREE tool that provides extremely fast and efficient defragmentation
    to your hard drives intelligently for faster file loading
    and high disk performance.
    With install it and forget it feature, the program works automatically and quietly in the background
    on your PC, keeping your hard disk running at its top speed.

    Key Benefits:

    Extremely Fast and Efficient Defragmentation - Enhanced
    Using IObit's latest defrag engine and the new "Boot Time Defrag" technology,
    Smart Defrag 5 has not only the world's fastest defragmenting speed
    but also the most advanced defragmenting ability.
    It's been specially designed for modern, large hard drives, which eliminates the long waiting time.

    Designed for Top Disk Performance - Enhanced
    The program doesn't just provide simple defragmentation.
    It also streamlines your file system, places the frequently used files and directories into
    the fastest area of the disk, enabling your computer
    to run at top speed with the most stability.

    Always-on Automatic Defragment - Enhanced
    The program works automatically and quietly in the background, so it continually
    and constantly keeps your computer fragment-free.

    "Boot Time Defrag" Technology - New!
    The new "Boot Time Defrag" technology allows you to defrag files during the system boot process, while these files cannot be defragged or are not safe to move after the system is already boot-up.

    Guaranteed Data Safety and Disk Stability - Enhanced
    Unlike other "Automated" Defragmenters, Smart Defrag 5 does NOT
    constantly perform analysis and defrag, which damages your hard drive and shorten
    its life. It has a "Safe Intelligence" technology that can assure the health of your disk
    by deciding When and How to execute defragmentation.

    On-schedule Disk Defragment - Enhanced
    Your PC's performance is better maintained when it is defragged on a regular basis.
    The program offers a flexible way that allows you to schedule disk
    defragmentation according to your needs.

    Extremely Easy to Use - Enhanced
    Smart Defrag has taken on a new look. While it's still intuitive and easy to navigate,
    the new interface is undoubtedly more exquisite and professional, making
    it the ideal utility for complete computer novice.

    What differentiates Smart Defrag PRO from FREE:

    Up to 200% Faster File Access Speed.
    Boot Time Defragment for Quicker PC Startup.
    Automatically & Intelligently Defragment Fragmented Files.
    Customizing Defrag Mode & Disks/Files to Be Defragged.
    DMA Applied for Better, Faster & More Stable Data Transfer.
    Auto Update to the Latest Version.
    Free 24/7 Technical Support on Demand.
    Supported Operating Systems:
    Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).

    Assembly Information
    ∑ Type: installation, unpacking (Portable by TryRooM).
    ∑ Languages: Multi / Russian
    ∑ Treatment: not required. Patch-urt.
    ∑ Deleted: PNS modules and advertising.

    Command line switches:
    ∑ Silent installation of the Russian version: / VERYSILENT / I / RU
    ∑ Silent installation of the English version: / VERYSILENT / I / EN
    Silent unpacking: / VERYSILENT / P
    ∑ Do not create desktop shortcut: / ND
    Do not create a shortcut in the Start menu: / NS

    Choosing an installation location:
    / D = WAY
    The / D = PATH key should be the most recent
    For example:
    install_file.exe / VERYSILENT / I / D = C: MyProgram