Hollywood Go Bollywood Frequencies Nilesat UPDT:
Posted: 20 Sep 2019

[New Go Channels frequency on Nilesat]

New package of TV Channels has started broadcasting via Nile sat satellite Eutelsat 7W, for free FTA, Go Classic TV for Arabic classic films, Go Hollywood TV for Indian Movies subtitled to Arabic, Go Cartoon Tv for Kids programs in Arabic, Go Mukdic TV for Arabic clips, Go Action TV and Go Bollywood TV for English Movies subtitled to Arabic, Go Turkey for Turkish Series and drama, Go food for cooking and kitchen programs.

A new bouquet of fun entertainment channels that are interested in broadcasting Arabic,

American and Indian films and series and programs for children and women.

can be watched via satellite on this frequency given bellow:

Frequency of GO Channels on Nilesat :

Go Classic

Go Hollywood

Go Cartoon

Go Music

Go Action

Go Bollywood

Go Turkey

Go Food

Nilesat/Eutelsat 7 West A / 7.0°W

11333 - Horizontal - 27500 5/6