June 8, 2016 16.50 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul

The Greek incumbent OTE has already secured over 100,000 subscribers for its new hybrid platform, which combines the benefits of both its DTH service and IPTV.

The migration of IPTV customers to the new and advanced environment began in April and this month OTE TV will launch the remote migration of remaining satellite service customers through special software that will automatically upgrade their decoders.

The hybrid platform gives OTE TV subscribers the opportunity to connect their recorder to the router of their DSL connection, irrespective of the provider, and gain access to a range of interactive services. These include OTE Replay TV, OTE Cinema on Demand, recording programmes onto an external hard drive and, from late this month, OTE TV Go, which will allow them to record programmes remotely on a PVR.

They will also have access to an on demand film library, free of charge, from this autumn.

OTE TV is the first provider to introduce such a hybrid service to Greece and one of the first in the world to remotely upgrade all its existing subscribers.